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The Hunger Games - Katniss/Gale

Fandom Category: The Hunger Games
Pairing: Katniss Everdeen/Gale Hawthorne
Fic Title: Knightingale
Author: DBlaZe
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7966677/1/Knightingale
Rating/Warning(s): M; Some sex and violence (equal to an R rated film)
Genre: Adventure/Romance
WIP?: YES (author has posted 20 chapters of an estimated 40...)

Why This Must Be Read: I am just now starting to read fic in some alternative fandoms of mine and found this just in the last 3 days. It is a well written and well plotted AU version of "Catching Fire" (with some parts of the original book kept in place) wherein President Snow has announced a significant rule change for the Quarter Quell; rather than the previous winners going in, a 'regular' reaping will occur with the exception that each reaped person will need to chose a partner to join them in the games. And along with that a not so veiled threat to Katniss results in Prim being reaped a second time... and Gale volunteering to be her partner, causing two of the people Katniss cares for the most to be sent to near certain death. In the midst of this Katniss and Gale start to move closer... I don't want to add anything more here but this is very definitely worth the read (there are 379 reviews for 20 chapters and he earns every single one) and hopefully more reviews will speed him to finish that much sooner!
Tags: fandom: hunger games, ship: katniss everdeen/gale hawthorne

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