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Challenge 92 - Downton Abbey - Carson/Mrs Hughes

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Carson/Mrs Hughes
Fic Title: May Day & St George's Day
Author: Onesimus
Link: May Day & St George's Day
Rating/Warning(s): T for both
Genre: Romance/Angst for both
WIP?: Neither says complete but I think St George's Day is coming to an end which will probably tie up the loose ends in May Day.

Why This Must Be Read: These two stories connect and are an AU for young Charles and Elsie (which Onesimus has mastered IMO). May Day starts out where they are young and meeting for the first time. Yes there's a spark there and lots of fluff as they get to know one another. Spring forward in time to St George's Day and now the angst has appeared. I don't know how Onesimus does it but even with them being young and the story line AU you can see the characters we are first introduced to in 1912.

Both stories are a delight to read. Fluffy at times, sad with circumstances beyond their control and downright hot. Lovely smut to read over and over.

I haven't really done either story justice but if you are new to C/E love these would be good fics to get started on this ship.
Tags: fandom: downton abbey, ship: elsie hughes/charles carson

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