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Challenge 92 Downton Abbey recs

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Carson/Hughes
Fic Title: all recurring joy
Author: frakcancer
Link: Link to all recurring joy
Rating/Warning(s): MA, smut
Genre: Angsty romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Frakcancer is one of the best (if not the best) Carson/Hughes writers I know. If you're unsure about the pairing, read her fics. I guarantee you'll be sold. :) This particular fic shows you just how sexy they can be!

the bohemian, Rated T
better to taste of frost, Rated MA
this heart, some fraction of me, Rated T

And Carson/Hughes are perfect in A/U!!

brooklyn's on fire, Rated T, A/U
downton records, Rated T, A/U
I lost my heart to a starship trooper, Rated M, A/U

There are others at the writer's journal, frakcancer, and a couple she has only posted at lovebelowstairs and downton100. Click on her author tag.

Tags: fandom: downton abbey, ship: elsie hughes/charles carson

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