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"The Cave" by masksarehot (M)

Fandom Category:  Avatar: Legend of Korra
Pairing:  Korra/Amon
Fic Title:  The Cave
Author:  masksarehot
Link:  Here
Rating/Warning(s):  Mature (sexual themes), AU after 1.08
Genre:  Romance, Drama
WIP?:  No

Why This Must Be Read:  I know what you're thinking - Korra and AMON?  REALLY?  WILL THE FANDOM STOP AT NOTHING?!!  But I promise this is actually really good! 

After an earthquake they end up trapped in a mountain cave together.  Korra works to painstakingly dig them out while dealing with Amon's injuries.  Korra is fierce and fiesty while trying her best to understand Amon's motives and his hatred of bending.  The author does an especially great job portraying Amon (his voice is perfect) and his struggle to fight the growing attraction and companionship he feels for Korra.  Korra is eighteen and it's suggested Amon is a bit younger than you would assume (maybe late twenties/early thirties?) so the age difference doesn't feel creepy.  The chemistry is actually intensely hot! 


"Because you are a monster!" Her blue eyes pierced through him. "How many people have died for your revolution, Amon?"

"I'd prefer it if none did." She looked surprised at the response, so he added, "I only wish to equalize the benders. Any casualties beyond that are regrettable. And you, young Avatar: how many people have you killed with your bending?"

"None." Her eyes narrowed. "Want to know how many lives I have saved?"

"I, too, have saved lives." He pushed himself up on one elbow. "I have removed the bending of some of the greatest bullies in Republic City. Doubtless this has-"

"Stop," she interrupted. "Save your propaganda for the microphone." The light extinguished and he heard her fall back to the ground beside him. "If you were as benevolent as you pretended to be, you would see that our goals aren't all that different. Instead, you terrorize and manipulate. Did it ever occur to you to simply ask the Council to allow non-bender leadership, instead of marching ahead with this war?" She snorted. "You want the glory of being the figurehead of a revolution. That's what makes you a monster. You're pretending that vengeance and power-mongering are benevolence, but people like me see through that mask. Too bad the Equalists don't."

Guilt was kindling in his stomach, and he cursed her in his mind. So she was a skilled manipulator, too. He had to steel his resolve, block out her words.

A part of him was already agreeing with her.

Tags: fandom: avatar: legend of korra, ship: korra/amon

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