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Leverage; Eliot/Parker Recs

Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Parker/Eliot Spencer; side Nate/Sophie
Title: Call it a Tribe
Genre: Romance, Comedy, AU
author: chasingtides
Rating: PG13
Summary: Part of the 'St. Nicholas' Home for Troubled Youth' Series (which is fantastic to read) - an AU where Sophie and Nate adopt Eliot and Parker (teenagers) and little Hardison (7 years old) and the family they make. In this particular piece, Parker is very determined not to go to prom.
Warnings: Underage romance; 
Why it must be read: Sheer adorableness. Laughter is easy to find and it's just so...oddly fitting, the way this family unit reminds you of the one the real adults have in the show but as younger characters in a different situation. Even if you're not wild about the pairing, read this series, because it's too funny and cute to miss out on. 
Tags: fandom: leverage, ship: parker/eliot spencer
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