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Hearts of Ice by Krista Perry (R)

Fandom Category: Ranma 1/2
Pairing: Tendo Akane/Saotome Ranma
Fic Title: Hearts of Ice
Author: Krista Perry
Link: or
Rating/Warning(s): R, original character death
Genre: Adventure, Romance
WIP?: No, complete at 26 chapters, 279,662 words
Setting: later in the series
Special Rec: 12/28

Why This Must Be Read: This epic-length Akane/Ranma story is definitely engrossing! Amusingly enough, Nabiki completely steals the show. I admire what the author did with Ryouga's characterization, in particular. However, the author does become rather fond of long descriptive paragraphs, and I ended up skimming the final third of the story, looking for plot. Still, it's quite enjoyable. This fic's Ranma can get slightly maudlin, but I felt it worked within the story. Yes, it is a old classic in Ranma fandom, but I'd have never known about it if I hadn't seen it recently mentioned elsewhere, and I'm passing on the love to other fans. ^^
Tags: fandom: ranma 1/2, ship: tendo akane/saotome ranma, special reccer: slr2moons

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