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Thor/The Avengers, Nine Multipairing Darcy recs

Someone requested Darcy/Anyone. I've rec'd a ton of Darcy/Clint stories on this comm, but I fully believe in shipping Darcy/All The Things, so here, have All The Multipairing Darcy Recs.

Fandom Category: Thor/The Avengers
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Bruce Banner
Fic Title: silver cities rise
Author: ashcheche
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
Genre: Humor, Fluff
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: So my favorite Darcy crack pairing of late is Darcy/Bruce because Mark Ruffalo's Banner/Hulk is adorable. In this story, Darcy has been assigned to be Bruce's lab assistant and hijinks ensue. Darcy is perfect in this and there are a ton of laugh-out-loud moments.

Pairing: Darcy/Bruce
Fic Title: Things That Shine
Author: coffeebuddha
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
WIP?: Yes, 3 chapters and counting, updated fairly regularly

Why This Must Be Read: Reccing this because it is adorable. So adorable. Darcy is snarky and adorable. Bruce is apologetic and adorable. Jane is overprotective and adorable. There are also two other one-shots in this universe, featuring Darcy honest-to-god booping Bruce on the nose (and lbr, how could anyone resist?!?) and future!kid!fic, which are, again, ADORABLE.

Pairing: Darcy/Bruce, Darcy/Hulk
Fic Title: We'll Always Have JFK
Author: plathgirl
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
Genre: Humor, slight angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Darcy and Bruce meet briefly at JFK airport. Bruce almost chokes and dies (who wouldn't, in the face of Darcy's AWESOME??) but Darcy saves his life, kinda. This is a fun, sweet read and The Other Guy puts in a mental cameo. There's also another one-shot in this universe, worth reading if only to see the Hulk shuffle his feet like an adorably, love-struck little boy.

Pairing: Darcy/Bruce, Darcy/Hulk
Fic Title: Foreign Teas and Too Much Information (that isn't the right information)
Author: Chaerring
Rating/Warning(s): I would say PG-13ish
Genre: Post-movie fic, slight AU
WIP?: Yes, at 7 chapters and counting. Updated almost daily

Why This Must Be Read: This may be the longest multi-chapter Darcy/Bruce story currently out there. Features Darcy being awesome and the Hulk plays a fairly big role in this. As the author puts it, The Hulk may be more romantic than Bruce. :P

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton, past Clint/Natasha, mentions of Clint/OFC
Fic Title: Polish Them Rockets, Swallow Them Pills and its sequel, Dilated Eyes Shooting the Breeze
Author: xenokattz/xenokattz
Rating/Warning(s): M/R-NC-17. Warnings for sexing, language, and some violence
Genre: Angst, break up fic, slight hurt/comfort
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Because, as the author tags it, it hurts so good. Darcy and Clint are wonderful, sarcastic, and kind of fucked-up. They set the sheets on fire together, but Clint has some a lot of baggage and Darcy is too awesome to stay in a pseudo-relationship that isn't going anywhere. Fate throws them back together 4 years later and their chemistry is still as explosive as ever. A great read.

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, some Darcy/Clint and Steve/Peggy Carter
Fic Title: you and your hightop sneakers and your sailor tattoos
Author: musesfool/victoria_p
Rating/Warning(s): M/NC-17. Warnings for sex
Genre: Smut, First Time, Friends with Benefits
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Darcy punches Captain America's V-card, because she's awesome like that. This isn't just a PWP--it's got a lot of great character stuff. The author does a lovely job of capturing Steve's melancholy over the loss of everyone he knew but even though he's a man out of his time, he's not nearly as naive and innocent as you might expect, virginity status notwithstanding. Darcy and Steve are sweet and comfortable together, a lovely read.

Pairing: Darcy/Steve
Fic Title: Sweet on You
Author: myadamantiumhear
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13. Non-explicit allusions to sex
Genre: Valentine's Day fic, Fluff
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Darcy's got a secret admirer. As the title suggests, this story is ridiculously sweet and fluffy.

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Phil Coulson
Fic Title: whenever i'm alone with you and its sequel, for you're outward bound
Author: tosca1390
Rating/Warning(s): M/R-NC-17. Warnings for sex
Genre: Slight AU given the movie spoilers
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: It doesn't get crackier than Darcy/Coulson but these fics? Really, really make it work. It's fun to see the normally unflappable Coulson slightly off-balance when confronted with the force of nature that is Darcy Lewis. And naturally, Darcy's iPod plays an integral part in this little series.

Pairing: Darcy/Coulson
Fic Title: Tromso?
Author: seren_ccd
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Post movie fluff, slight AU
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Because my mission in life is to rec everything seren_ccd writes. But mostly because this is wonderfully sweet fix-it fic and Darcy makes anything better.

Coming soon, Natasha/All the Ships recs. Keep an eye out. Also, mods, could I have Darcy/Bruce and Darcy/Coulson tags? Thanks!
Tags: fandom: avengers, fandom: the hulk, fandom: thor, ship: darcy lewis/bruce banner, ship: darcy lewis/clint "hawkeye" barton, ship: darcy lewis/phil coulson, ship: darcy lewis/steve rogers
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