Maerhys (maerhys) wrote in het_reccers,

It's a Jungle In There by Lyrastar (M)

Fandom Category: Monk
Pairing: Molly Evans/Adrian Monk, Trudy Monk/Adrian Monk
Fic Title: It's a Jungle In There
Author: [AO3 account] Lyrastar
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): pseudo-incest
Genre: angst, drama, dysfunction
WIP?: No; 6,450 words.

Why This Must Be Read: This is not my typical read, especially since it's a non-AU tag to the series finale, but mostly because I could not imagine a romance between Molly and Monk. Or, a traditional, no-so-dysfunctional romance. This is anything but a typical romance, or a romance at all, possibly; instead it deals with two people who believe themselves to be utterly broken without the presence of Trudy in their lives and they almost try to bring her back to life by playing out the life that she would have had with Adrian had she lived. It's messed-up to the core but utterly compelling. Every character is spot-on and their reactions to this "romance" are all over the place but perfect.

Special Recs: 08/25
Tags: fandom: monk, ship: molly evans/adrian monk, ship: trudy monk/adrian monk, special reccer: maerhys
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