seren_ccd (seren_ccd) wrote in het_reccers,

Nobody's in Love by Greenwoman

Fandom Category: The Magnificent Seven
Pairing: Mary Travis/Chris Larabee
Fic Title: Nobody's in Love
Author: Greenwoman
Link: (Author's site)
Rating/Warning(s): Pg-13, mild language
Genre: Romance
WIP?: One-shot

Why This Must Be Read: Well, I saw that someone was looking for Mary/Chris fic and this one is delicious. It has both Mary and Chris being their stubborn selves, but finding some common ground. The language and dialogue is fabulous and the ending is so hopeful. I read this one over and over. There are a few other Chris/Mary stories on the author's site, but this is my favorite.

(I know I've got some others saved somewhere, so I'll try to find them!)
Tags: fandom: the magnificent seven, ship: mary travis/chris larabee

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