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Four Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks ("NCIS: LA") recs

for April Special Requests

Fandom Category: NCIS: Los Angeles

Pairing: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks
Fic Title:  Parenting for Dummies
Author: tobinfic
Rating/Warning(s): I'd say PG-13 for most of the fic; the last chapter is rated M.
Genre: Romance, case file
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: The scenario of Kensi and Deeks going undercover as husband and wife has been done a hundred times in this fandom, but never have I seen it done so believably.  The balance between the adorable facade they don while undercover and the dedication they have not only to their jobs but to each other is downright exquisite; we still recognize them as canonical Kensi and Deeks, but slowly as the cover falls away and the aliases bleed into every day and each other, we see that the lie isn't all that far from the truth. It's utterly engrossing and mesmerizing to see. It's one of those fics that shows you just how one word -- partner -- can be a substitute for three even stronger ones in "I love you." 

Fandom Category: NCIS: Los Angeles
Pairing: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks
Fic Title: Discovery
Author: krazykitkat
Rating/Warning(s): PG 
Genre: Romance
WIP?:  No

Why This Must Be Read: I adore what-if scenarios, and admittedly, I've spent a bit of time thinking about which situation Kensi and Deeks' romantic relationship might come to light. This piece gives us four wonderful examples, each of which is utterly adorable but also rooted in exceptionally on point characterization.  The subtle but effective plausibility of each possibility gently convinces us their involvement with one another is a question of "when," not "if." (And as a sidenote, the the final scenario is PRICELESS. I still grin just thinking about it.)

Fandom Category: NCIS: Los Angeles
Pairing: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks
Fic Title: Constancy
Author: Jessica237
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre Romance, little bit of angst, emotional hurt/comfort; post-ep for "Blye, K (part one)"
WIP?:  No

Why This Must Be Read: Frankly, EVERYTHING this author's written should be read as a prerequisite for entering the fandom. She never puts a foot (word?) wrong when it comes to writing Kensi and Deeks, and continues to amaze and inspire with her lyrical prose and incredible command of their characterization. Though she's written almost twenty Kensi/Deeks stories, the only thing she repeats in her writing is her powerful and delightful insight into who these characters really are and what makes them them.  She's got the most wonderful versatility; every scenario she comes up with is so plausible I almost feel stupid not having thought of it myself. "Blye, K" was a two-parter that was about as damn close to a perfect episode of television as I've ever seen, but adding Jess' take to it made it downright and inescapably flawless.

Fandom Category: NCIS: Los Angeles
Pairing: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks
Fic Title: Blush
Author:  Fictionista48
Rating/Warning(s): M for sex
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No 
Why this must be read: First, an admission: this was written as a surprise birthday present for me, but even outside my admitted bias, it's truly a gift for any reader on any occasion. It starts out gently longing, and builds to a place of inevitability and the most delicious tension imaginable. It's hot but sweet, which is a combination I just adore. 

Tags: fandom: ncis la, ship: kensi blye/marty deeks

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