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[The Killing] It's The Same Thing, Right Or Wrong, by ozmissage

So, it's already April on my side of the world (forecast for those of you still waiting its arrival? Could be warmer. Thanks.), and to celebrate the first of the month and the return of The Killing, I'm going to start my four weeks of reccing with a fic from that fandom.

Fandom Category | The Killing
Pairing | Sarah Linden/Stephen Holder
Fic Title | It’s The Same Thing, Right Or Wrong
Author | ozmissage
Link | http://archiveofourown.org/works/214570
Rating/Warning(s) | M
Genre | Smut. Angst
WIP? | No
Special Rec | 1/?

Why This Must Be Read | There's not a lot of fic full-stop in this fandom. The few that I've come across though? AMAZING. And this in particular is top of my 'must read' list. A sexual encounter between these two characters is difficult to buy; they're not a canon couple and, while some may argue otherwise, there hasn't even been a hint at ust between them on the show. But somehow ozmissage makes the possibility of these two not only highly entertaining, smoking hot, and brilliantly dysfunctional, she also makes it real. And believable. And as though it's almost a natural progression...
Tags: fandom: the killing, ship: sarah linden/stephen holder, special reccer: waltzmatildah

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