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Backwards And In Sneakers

"How to Fight Loneliness" Series by MadLori (R)

First time reccer here, please be gentle

Fandom Category: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss
Story Title:& How to Fight Loneliness
Author: madlori
Link: Link to series page
Rating/Warning(s): R, violence, sexuality, minor character death
Genre: casfic, romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read:

This is a really well written series. That should be reason enough, but in case it isn't, read on. This series stays true to the characters and the to the tone of the show and doesn't trivialize the potential problems that a couple like Reid and Prentiss would face in their personal and professional lives if they were to pursue a relationship.

There are three "stories" in this "series". I use the quotation marks because while the author calls this a series, I see it more as a universe with one epic story and two series. It starts with the epic story 'How to Fight Loneliness' which is a casefic with flashbacks to the story of how Reid and Prentiss got together and continues with a two series of short stories called 'Perspectives on a Romance' and 'Casefiles of Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius'. In 'Persepctives on a Romance, Reid and Prentiss' relationship is observed by outsiders and in 'Casefiles of Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius, you get sexy Scooby Doo type mysteries (author's own words).

I hope you enjoy!
Tags: fandom: criminal minds, ship: emily prentiss/spencer reid

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