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Two Damon/Elena Recs

Fandom Category: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Damon/Elena
Fic Title: Breaking Point
Author: CreepingMuse
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Angsty/Porny
WIP?: yes, but updates frequently

Why This Must Be Read:

Elena goes to Damon to learn how to resist and/or get around compulsion. It's a very interesting idea that gets fleshed out in more ways than one. The first chapter or so you may think meh, but it gets better and better as the chapters progress.


And Damon loved her. He loved her enough to destroy her, to burn away her weaknesses and rebuild her, piece by piece, into a newly forged creature that was stronger, wiser, better than she'd been before. He loved her enough to hurt her, to be constant and unwavering in his love, even when she hated him for it. He loved her enough to stay with her, to fight with her and for her against whatever the Originals could dish out. His love was brutal, his love was terrifying, but his love was real.


Fandom Category: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Damon/Elena
Fic Title: You Never Call Me When You're Sober
Author: fallinangelz21
Link: lj
Rating/Warning(s):  R
Genre:  ANGST
WIP?:  One Shot, complete

Why This Must Be Read:

Written by the author of Self-Inflicted Wounds, this is a delicious piece of angst set post-3x15. Elena shows up in the middle of the night and gets more than a little drunk, but Damon's Over It.


Damon grinned as Elena made her way back to the couch and sank heavily to the floor. Whomever had said jealousy was an ugly trait had never seen Elena Gilbert in this particular shade of green. It was gloriously satisfying to watch her fume as she carefully refilled her glass. He hadn’t sought Rebekah out specifically to get her into bed. He actually hadn’t sought her out at all, but it was turning into the one-night-stand that kept on giving and he couldn’t resist exploiting it further. Waiting until she brought the crystal tumbler to her lips and took a drink, he said nonchalantly. “She’s upstairs.”

Elena sputtered on her mouthful of scotch, shooting him a wide-eyed look of alarm before glaring daggers toward the stairs. Damon let her squirm for a moment, finishing his drink before he smirked. Wiping angrily at the alcohol that had dribbled down her chin, she looked at him accusingly. “You’re a dick.”

Tags: fandom: vampire diaries, ship: elena gilbert/damon salvatore

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