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6 Crossover Recs

Well, today is my last day as your special reccer. I had a great time doing this, and I hope you've enjoyed it as well! Since I get a bonus leap-year day to rec this month (and, to quote 30 Rock, nothing that happens on leap day counts!), I thought I'd do something a little different today and recommend some of my favorite crossover stories.

Fandom Category: His Dark Materials/Chronicles of Narnia
Pairing: Lyra Belacqua/Will Parry
Fic Title: The Ivory Horn
Author: kaydeefalls
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Angst, Character Study
WIP?: no
Special Rec: 29 of 34

Why This Must Be Read: This is a story about loss and love and growing up, with an unexpectedly perfect crossover twist. It follows Will as he attends college, and to say much more than that might give things away. This is a long story that might start out a little slowly, but stick with it: it gets good and has a poignant and hopeful ending that ties in perfectly with the themes developed in the His Dark materials trilogy.

Fandom Category: Spaced/Doctor Who
Pairing: Daisy Steiner/Tim Bisley
Fic Title: Smash It (Zombies and Time Lords Remix)
Author: golden_orange
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Humor
WIP?: no
Special Rec: 30 of 34

Why This Must Be Read: Where to start with this story? It's fabulously pop-culturey, with the best bits of Spaced all mixed up with basic plot of "The Lodger" and a dollop of meta-y goodness on top (Shaun of the Dead! Zombies!). Daisy and Tim are adorable here, and the Doctor brings craziness in his wake that the Spaced crew are more than ready to deal with it. I could read about this crossover universe all day.

Fandom Category: Big Bang Theory/Wizards of Waverly Place
Pairing: Penny/Justin Russo, Harper Finkle/Zeke Beakerman, Bernadette Rostenkowski/Howard Wolowitz, Alex Russo/Dean Moriarty
Fic Title: A How-To Guide to Love and Marriage, for People Who Hate Both
Author: boombangbing
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Humor, Romance
WIP?: no
Special Rec: 31 of 34

Why This Must Be Read: In the author's note for this big bang fic she describes this story as a screwball comedy. I think she hit the nail on the head here - the BBT and WoWP universes mix together really well, at their best sharing a love of colorful characters, a geeky sense of humor, and just the right amount of heart underneath it all. What makes this particular story stand out for me is that all the little undercurrents and relationships between the characters just feel right even in the midst of all the jokes.

Fandom Category: Moonlighting/Lost/Firefly/Harry Potter
Pairing: Agnes DiPesto/David Addison
Fic Title: What Happens on Vega$ Stays on Vega$
Author: yahtzee
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Crack, Humor
WIP?: no
Special Rec: 32 of 34

Why This Must Be Read: You know how sometimes you read a story and feel as if the author must have written it only for you? That's how I feel about this story. It takes my love of Moonlighting, sprinkles in a dead-on David Addison voice, kicks it up a notch by taking full advantage of Moonlighting's proclivity for breaking the fourth wall, and then finishes it all off with a cracktastic explosion of crossover goodness. Don't be put off by the unorthodox main pairing here (Agnes and David wake up married in Vegas!!!) as they are handled hilariously and thoughtfully and, in the end, that isn't really the point of the story anyway.

Fandom Category: Community/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Shirley Bennet/Jeff Winger, Britta Perry/Troy Barnes
Fic Title: Shirley the Vampire Slayer
Author: htbthomas
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: AU, Humor
WIP?: no
Special Rec: 33 of 34

Why This Must Be Read: This is more of a fusion than a proper crossover - and, so you know, I was a beta reader for it - but I just had to include this story where the study group fights vampires as the Scooby gang. I would seriously read this story for the flirting between Shirley (as Buffy) and Jeff (as Spike) alone, but the whole group is here and perfectly cast. It's hilarious and wonderfully done.

Fandom Category: Lord Peter Wimsey/Doctor Who
Pairing: Harriet Vane/Lord Peter Wimsey, Amy Pond/Rory Williams
Fic Title: Go and Catch a Falling Star
Author: hollimichele
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Adventure
WIP?: no
Special Rec: 34 of 34

Why This Must Be Read: And, to finish it all off, a crossover between two of my all time favorite universes - Wimsey and the Doctor. It's pretty much as epic and awesome as you might imagine, with Harriet and Peter helping to investigate some rather odd recent events. The Harriet POV is perfectly wry and observant and I have nothing but love for the TARDIS team of Amy, Rory and the Doctor.
Tags: fandom: big bang theory, fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, fandom: community, fandom: doctor who, fandom: firefly, fandom: harry potter, fandom: his dark materials, fandom: lord peter wimsey, fandom: lost, fandom: moonlighting, fandom: narnia, fandom: spaced, fandom: wizards of waverly place, ship: agnes dipesto/david addison, ship: alex russo/dean moriarty, ship: amy pond/rory williams, ship: bernadette rostenkowski/howard wol, ship: britta perry/troy barnes, ship: crossover, ship: daisy steiner/tim bisley, ship: harper finkle/zeke beakerman, ship: harriet vane/peter wimsey, ship: lyra belacqua/will parry, ship: shirley bennet/jeff winger, special reccer: blithers

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