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Dragon Age, 2 Recs, Amell/Duncan & Tabris/Zevran

Fandom Category: Dragon Age
Pairing: Female Amell/Duncan
Fic Title: Carnal Knowledge
Author: Ambrosya Sylva
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit
Genre: Porn
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:

Ah, the old I don't want to die a virgin trope. The pairing attracted me to this fic to begin with. I'm new to the fandom, but I'm pretty sure that this isn't a pairing that shows up very often. What really won me over was Solona's characterization. She's blunt, deeply curious, and just as socially awkward.

Fandom Category: Dragon Age
Pairing: Female Tabris/Zevran Arainai
Fic Title: Temper, Temper
Author: Serindrana
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit. Spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, BDSM
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:

I really enjoyed the intense, complicated relationship that built between Fynnea and Zevran. They are both damaged in their own ways, and they fit together well--but not without difficulty. The story spans nine chapters, plus an epilogue, so the relationship between the two develops naturally over time.

Be warned, there are some dark moments in this story, including torture, rape, and gore, all of which are mostly implied, and none of which take place between Fynnea and Zevran. There's also some kink, including bondage, spanking, edgeplay, and body modification (tattoos).


A note regarding the names: Amell and Tabris are both Wardens, potential player characters. The game establishes a family name for the characters, but the given name is left up to the player. The fandom refers to "Female Amell" and "Male Amell" instead of "[First Name] Amell," as you will find different given names for them, depending on the author.
Tags: fandom: dragon age, ship: amell/duncan, ship: tabris/zevran arainai

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