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Crimson Skies, by chibi-angel3

Fandom Category: Rurouni Kenshin
Pairing: Misao Makimachi/Soujiro Seta
Fic Title: Crimson Skies
Author: chibi-angel3
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romance/Drama
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This pairing definitely qualifies as a crack pairing. They only were in the same room for like 10 minutes during the entire series, and not only that, they were adversaries fighting on opposing sides. Interestingly enough, this pairing is quite popular in fandom, mostly because both characters share some traits, like being cheerful and fighting for their beliefs (and plus, they would look so good together, tehee); not only that but most people like to give Soujiro the happiness the poor fellow didn't get in canon. The writer here does an incredible job building their relationship from zero, blossoming it into a beautiful frienship and then something more, and no only that, but she also manages to make them discover their self-value as individuals and finding their own answers. As she put it, it was all about fullfilment. The narrative is told from both characters point of view, wich adds their fears and emotions to the story. For me, this is one of the best fic with this pairing you'll ever find.

At this point, I realized how similar Soujiro and I were. We both had our stories to tell and we loved to tell them. I guess, this is what it does to people after journeying across Japan alone.


I had to admit that in the past couple of days since I had met him, I had learned a lot from him. I guess, it worked— I mean, us, together. We learned from each other. He was truly an interesting man and at this point, I was certain that this man beside me was truly a good man.

That was why I wondered so much what could have happened to him in the past that he turned into a cold-blooded, unfeeling assassin.

Tags: fandom: rurouni kenshin, ship: makimachi misao/seta soujiro

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