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Challenge 82: 5 Author recs, thimble_kiss, Minisinoo, Silver Shine, Smitty, orchidvines

Author: thimble_kiss: All of her stories are linked on her sidebar
Fandom Category: Harry Potter
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum mostly, Hermione/Cormac McLaggen, Zacharias Smith/Various HP females, and a ton of other rare pairings
Rating/Warning(s): G-NC-17
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut

Why This Must Be Read: thimble_kiss writes the best Viktor/Hermione fics in fandom, hands down. Her Viktor is a thing of beauty--complexity, subtlety, ambition, chivalry, compassion, and mischievousness, all wrapped up in a sexy, Bulgarian package that will make you swoon. She handles his accent with incredible skill; his dialogue has just enough stiltedness for verisimilitude, but it is never unreadable. And her prose. Dear god, her prose. It is out-of-this-world gorgeous. Aside from Viktor/Hermione, thimble_kiss writes a ton of HP rarepairs (her Hermione/Cormac fics have already been rec'd on this comm). And if you're a fan of Zacharias Smith, she is your girl. You cannot go wrong with this author. She'll make you sigh, swoon, squeal, and cry with every word she writes. Personal Favorites: "Winterwhere"; "Practical Magic" and its sequel, "Tiger By The Tail"; and "Friction Point"

Author: Minisinoo
Fandom Category: X-Men, Harry Potter, Twilight (mostly gen)
Pairing: Mainly Jean Grey/Scott Summers, Hermione Granger/Cedric Diggory
Link: Most of her work can be found on
Her novels (including Grail, which isn't at can also be downloaded as eBooks here:
Rating/Warning(s): PG-NC-17. Min often writes about very adult subjects and has very visible warnings on all of her fics.
Genre: Angst/Pathos, Coming-of-age, Crossover, Romance, Humor, Smut

Why This Must Be Read: I've rec'd Special by Min here before, but I had to rec her again for this challenge because I will read anything she writes. Min is a professional adult mainstream writer by trade and it shows in the quality of her work. She writes honest-to-god novels of epic length, although she also has tons of shorter works. Moreover, she isn't afraid to tackle hard subjects in her work, such as the trauma of sexual abuse and exploitation (Special), grief (Grail), and the realities of living with an acquired disability (Finding Himself and Dulce et Decorum Est). She doesn't write about these subjects for the sake of cheap angst but because they inform the characters, and she does it with grace and great sensitivity. Her writing is always realistic, even though she's writing about wizards, mutants, vampires, and werewolves. Her characters are real and flawed, as are the situations they often find themselves in. Personal Favorites: Special, Grail, How the Leopard Changed Her Spots, Finding Himself, Dulce et Decorum Est (this one is sadly incomplete and on permanent hiatus BUT STILL GOOD).

Author: SilverShine
Fandom Category: Naruto
Pairing: Sakura Haruno/Kakashi Hatake mainly, Kushina Uzumaki/Minato Namikaze, Sakura Haruno/Sasuke Uchiha
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13- NC-17
Genre: Romance, HUMOR, Angst, Smut

Why This Must Be Read: There are two things you need to know about SilverShine: 1) she brings The Funny like you wouldn't believe; and 2) her smut is so hot, it will melt your brain. I love her work like burning. One minute she's got you cracking up, the next minute she's broken your heart with ANGSTANDWOE, and the next she's got you changing your panties. She's that good. Personal Favorites: "Duty Before Honor", "The Window", "Hokage Sama"

Author: Smitty
Fandom Category: DC Universe (comics), Batman (comics), Justice League Unlimited, Stargate Atlantis, Criminal Minds, Thor, The Avengers and many more
Pairing: Dinah Lance (Black Canary)/Bruce Wayne (Batman), Barbara Gordon (Oracle)/ Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)/Tim Drake (Robin), Helena Bertinelli (Huntress)/Vic Sage (The Question), Elizabeth Weir/Marshall Sumner, Emily Prentiss/David Rossi, Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton, and more
Link: Most of her DCU verse fic can be found at her website:
Her Potato-verse fic (with contributions from other authors) can be found here:
The Story of Dinah And Bruce specifically can be found at her LJ here:
The rest of her fic can be found by trawling the fic tag at her LJ smittywing
Rating/Warning(s): G-NC-17
Genre: Family fic, AU, Romance, Humor, Smut, Angst

Why This Must Be Read: I've rec'd Smitty's Darcy/Clint fics here before, but I needed to rec her again this challenge because she's another author who can make me read anything she ever writes. I even read the fic she's written for fandoms I don't even know (Criminal Minds), she's that good. I've been following her since she started the delightful Potato-verse, a Batman/DC Comics AU (Dick and Babs adopt a kid who calls himself Spud!), sometime around 2003. She tends to write unusual pairings, like Dinah/Bruce, Weir/Sumner, and Prentiss/Rossi, but she imbues the stories and characters with so much life and chemistry that you can't help but be convinced that They Should Be Canon. Personal Favorites: Everything in the Potatoverse, all her Weir/Sumner fic (try the weir/sumner tag), Three Hours in Cadmus

Author: orchidvines
Fandom Category: Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, Emma
Pairing: Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane Bennet/Charles Bingley, Emma Woodhouse/George Knightley, Anne Elliot/Frederick Wentworth, Elinor Dashwood/Edward Ferrars, Marianne Dashwood/John Willoughby
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13/T- R/M
Genre: Modern AU, Romance, Humor

Why This Must Be Read: When it comes to fanfic for Jane Austen, modern AUs are my favorite AUs and orchidvines writes the best ones. She's bitingly funny and she always brings a fresh take on a popular trope. Definitely worth checking out. Personal Favorites: "Red Light, Green Light" and "Personally, I'd Rather Lick Sand"

Mods, I need a lot of new tags. You don't need one for every pairing, but a few important ones include Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum, Sakura Haruno/Kakashi Hatake, Elinor Dashwood/Edward Ferrars, Helena Bertinelli/Vic Sage and Dinah Lance/Bruce Wayne. Could I also get fandom tags for Emma and Justice League Unlimited? Sorry!
Tags: !remembered, fandom: avengers, fandom: batman, fandom: comics, fandom: criminal minds, fandom: emma, fandom: harry potter, fandom: justice league unlimited, fandom: naruto, fandom: persuasion, fandom: pride and prejudice, fandom: sense and sensibility, fandom: stargate: atlantis, fandom: thor, fandom: x-men, ship: anne elliot/frederick wentworth, ship: barbara gordon/dick grayson, ship: cassandra cain/timothy drake, ship: darcy lewis/clint "hawkeye" barton, ship: dinah lance/bruce wayne, ship: elinor dashwood/edward ferrars, ship: elizabeth weir/marshall sumner, ship: emily prentiss/david rossi, ship: emma woodhouse/george knightley, ship: haruno sakura/hatake kakashi, ship: haruno sakura/uchiha sasuke, ship: helena bertinelli/vic sage, ship: hermione granger/cedric diggory, ship: hermione granger/cormac mclaggen, ship: hermione granger/viktor krum, ship: jean grey/scott summers

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