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Challenge 82 - (3 author recs) bebitched, jackwabbit, LJC

Fandom Category: Lost, The Office
Pairing: Kate/Jack, Shannon/Boone, Shannon/Sayid, Claire/Charlie, Claire/Sawyer, Sawyer/Ana, Sun/Jin, Jim/Pam
Author: bebitched
Rating: G - hard R
Genre: Angst, Romance, Humor, Drama, Horror, Tragedy
Why This Must Be Read: One of my absolute fav authors, especially for Lost fics. The fics are consistently compelling and incredibly well-characterized, with amazing imagery. Several of them are achingly raw, and everything is just so fantasically well written - these are fics are have to re-read every once in a while because they set the bar so high on quality. Love, love so much!

Fandom Category: Enterprise, Firefly, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, How I Met Your Mother, Star Trek: 2009, Harry Potter, Castle, Ironman, Stargate and many more
Pairing: Tripp/T'Pol, Castle/Beckett, Tony/Pepper, Mal/Inara, Wash/Zoe, Simon/Kaylee, Remus/Tonks, Jack/Sam, and more
Author: jackwabbit
Rating: G - PG-13 (possibly the odd R-rated one, but not in the fandoms I've read for him)
Genre: Gen, Romance, Humor, Angst, Friendship, etc
Why This Must Be Read: Jack is king of amazing drabbles. He has something like 320 fics in a wide variety of genres, and the vast majority are just drabbles or double drabbles, but they're sensationally well-written, and perfect when you just have time for something quick. A lot of the ficlets are friendship, though there's plenty of shippy or UST type ones. For so few words in each fic, Jack knows how to make 'em all count. And finding an extra long one is such a treat because it's the brilliance of his drabbles only longer!

Fandom Category: Firefly, Once Upon A Time, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Angel, Dr. Who, Primeval, Smallville, Star Trek (2009), and many more
Pairing: Simon/Kaylee, Emma Swan/Graham, Spock/Uhura, Pike/Number One, Pike/Gaila, Gaila/Kirk, Darcy/Clint (Hawkeye), and more
Author: LJC
Rating: G - hard R
Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama, Action/Adventure, Gen, Humor, etc
Why This Must Be Read: I can't say enough good things about LJC. There is piles upon files of fics and fandoms to choose from, all incredibly well-written, descriptive and emotional. There's especially a lot of Pike/Number One fics, and though I'm not personally very familiar with the characters, I've read most of them because I love the author and they're just as flawless as the rest!
Tags: fandom: castle, fandom: doctor who, fandom: firefly, fandom: harry potter, fandom: iron man, fandom: lost, fandom: star trek (reboot), fandom: star trek: enterprise, fandom: the office, fandom: thor, ship: darcy lewis/clint "hawkeye" barton, ship: kate austen/jack shephard, ship: kate beckett/rick castle, ship: kaylee frye/simon tam, ship: number one/christopher pike, ship: nymphadora tonks/remus lupin, ship: pam beesley/jim halpert, ship: samantha carter/jack o'neill, ship: t'pol/charles "trip" tucker iii

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