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Shipper Manifesto: Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne (Stargate: Atlantis)

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne

Blurb: I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but anyway... I don't even remember when I fell irrevocably in love with Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne but I do remember that it started slow, went dormant... and then suddenly hit hard enough to make me start writing it myself (actually, I remember when that was... 2008, to be precise). Ever since then I keep writing it and scouring the interwebs for anything Lorne/Cadman not written by me (recently, it's rather the latter than the former... please write more Lorne/Cadman, people of the interwebs!). I know they never were in the same scene on screen or even acknowledged each other in existence but that never kept me from shipping anyone.

Basically, in Lorne/Cadman I really like the opportunities and the possibilities. I like the fact that there are one and a million ways they could end up with each other, even with deference to canon... which is precisely because they are non-canon. I love each of them individually - Lorne's dry wit and his no-nonsense approach to all the stuff Sheppard probably makes him do and Cadman's tendency to irreverence and her kick ass professionality when on the job... they're just so awesome as individual characters.

As a couple, they're absolutely fun to write and read, both courtship and established. They balance each other out with still enough potential for conflict and hot making up sex. I love conflict in relationships and I need it and both the outer circumstances (can you say non-frat reg? Same chain of command?) and their personalities make for interesting conflict and hot making up sex. I really like the possibilities for spark between them, just like lots of hurt/comfort and even domestic bliss. And the banter... OH THE BANTER! Witty banter, snarky banter, sexy banter. Gimme me more Lorne/Cadman banter. Gimme more Lorne/Cadman!

Fic Rec #1: Astronauts, and Other Dreams
Author: Altaria Volante
Link: Astronauts, and Other Dreams (on
Rating/Warning(s): T

Why This Must Be Read: Technically, this is more background Beckett/Cadman and Lorne & Cadman friendship but it was the story that got me into those two. When I read this, I was a little curious at first, started to smile in the middle of it and was all for it when I reached the end. I loved the casual banter and the underlying... something and the potential that was all over the story. Night time conversations in the cafeteria/mess hall have been a favorite plot device of mine ever since this story :D

Fic Rec #2 The Willow Song
Author: Altaria Volante
Link: The Willow Song (on
Rating/Warning(s): deals with canon character death, T

Why This Must Be Read: Oh God, this story... if Astronauts was the one bringing Lorne and Cadman together in stories into my head, this story about Evan Lorne comforting Laura Cadman over the news of Carson Beckett's death was what planted the seed of shipping them (it make sense, honestly). All the hurt/comfort and sadness and the... vipes. The chemistry. I could read this over and over and over again. I consider both this and Astronauts as classics of Lorne/Cadman.

Fic Rec #3: Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep
Author: Avery Mac
Link: Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep (on
Rating/Warning(s): character death, T

Why This Must Be Read: Another sad one but it hurts so good. It has established Lorne/Cadman and it's one of the saddest Lorne/Cadman stories I ever read but I love it nonetheless. When you need a good cry, this is the right story. I don't want to give away too much of the plot but there's a kid and a death and it is very sad. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Fic Rec #4: Beatrice and Benedick
Author: Reefgirl (reefgirluk, isn't it?)
Link: Beatrice and Benedick (on
Rating/Warning(s): T

Why This Must Be Read:  One of the very, very good examples for how flirty those two can be and for ALL THE BANTER. Incidentally, Much Ado About Nothing is also my favorite Shakespear play so I loved the idea of Lorne and Cadman in a "merry war of words", as Reefgirl put it, and it's played out magnificiently. This was great fun to read and it's one of those stories I go back to when I need something to cheer me up.

Fic Rec #5: Birds of a Feather
Author: wabbitseason
Link: Birds of a Feather (on LJ)
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: Again, more friendship than ship but it's too delightful to pass it up. I really like the idea of Lorne teaching Cadman how to fly a jumper and the joy when she finally masters it is so very well written. They have a lot of chemistry in this, and it's fun to read. This fic is making me happy!

Fic Rec #6: The Pegasus Galaxy Gift Registry
Author: havocthecat
Link: The Pegasus Galaxy Gift Registry (on LJ)
Rating/Warning(s): PWP, NC-17

Why This Must Be Read: AMTDI weddings, another favorite of mine and really done well here (I wouldn't even call it PWP it has a lot of porn but there is a plot to it, methinks). Funny and witty and just plain hot. Lorne and Cadman offer the possibility of very hot sex, and this definitely proves my point. I love  this one!

Fic Rec #7: Welcome Back to the Pegasus Galaxy, Lieutenant!
Author: vicki595
Link: Welcome Back to the Pegasus Galaxy, Lieutenant! (on LJ)
Rating/Warning(s): PG

Why This Must Be Read: Best. Opening. Line. Ever. ("Where are your pants?" - yes, I think this deserves special mention. Just go and read the whole thing. Seriously, just do it.) Established and another one of those that I go back to when I want to have a good laugh and a bit of warm and fuzzy feeling. They're just so cute together *goes to hide from Laura

Fic Rec #8: Lorne's Life Lessons
Author: vicki595
Link: Lorne's Life Lessons (on
Rating/Warning(s): T

Why This Must Be Read: Flash fic style type story, and I love those. In this one, there's Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne, courtship, kids and being caught doing interesting things in DisneyWorld. Warm and fuzzy. Definitely warm and fuzzy and my go to fic when I despair of not finding any new stories. I don't even know how often I read and it never gets boring.

Fic Rec #9: First and Last
Author: rightxhere
Link: First and Last (on LJ)
Rating/Warning(s): PG13

Why This Must Be Read: Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne out for playing pool and beer with his team. What I loved most about this story was all the tension built up and the subtext. rightxhere kept me giddy all through the fic, right onto the end and I loved the way she solved the tension. This story played fabulously with all the flirting that's possible with Lorne and Cadman. I think I'm going to read this again when I'm done...

Fic Rec #10: Colorful Seduction
Author: sgteam14283
Link: Colorful Seduction Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (on LJ)
Rating/Warning(s): PG

Why This Must Be Read: This was written for the AU challenge on major_explosion, my Lorne/Cadman comm, and I thought this manifesto definitely needs an AU fic, too. It's Regency AU, and I think sgteam14283 wrote a wonderful story, just like I love my Regency romances. The ending isn't quite as conventional for a Regency romance but it makes sense and it actually makes the story even better. The best thing about this, though, is that she managed to make both Lorne and Cadman believable Regency romance characters while keeping them as in character as possible. I really wish she'd write at least one more Lorne/Cadman story.
Tags: fandom: stargate: atlantis, ship: laura cadman/evan lorne, special: manifesto

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