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Curse of the White Sword, by Jocelyn (PG-13/R)

Fandom Category: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Elizabeth Swann/William Turner, OFC/James Norrington
Fic Title: Curse of the White Sword
Author: Jocelyn
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, a little R-ish for descriptions of natural disasters
Genre: Adventure, drama, romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Written before Dead Man's Chest aired, this is probably one of the best PoTC fics written. I'm fairly sure I rec'ed this one some time ago, but it's so amazing that it deserves a spot on my list of special recs. The romance, the adventure, it's all so incredible! The characters are spot on, and I love how they develop, most especially Will and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is tough from the start, and only grows even more so as she refuses to bow to the pressures of her father and society, and is determined to have what she wants in life. Will does quite a bit of growing up in this fic, and that's what makes him so interesting. He learns that running away won't solve his problems, and also gains some insight to his own past. Also, the secondary pairing of Commodore Norrington and an OFC is excellent too. This fate for the Commodore is far more to my taste than the one he was dealt in the two sequels of CotBP. An outstanding fic.
Tags: fandom: pirates of the caribbean, ship: elizabeth swann/william turner, ship: original character, special reccer: angelqueen04

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