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Calvin and Hobbes, Two Susie/Calvin Recs

Fandom Category: Calvin and Hobbes
Pairing: Susie/Calvin
Fic Title: Variations on a (Sordid) Pastime
Author: badass_normal
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit sex and language (mention of underage)
Genre: Porn
Word Count: 1141
Why This Must Be Read: Calvin is completely diabolical and well, sexy, yet still retains that creative and endearing quality he had as a six-year-old. This is also about them growing older and the ending is so very sweet. :)

And a less-explicit Susie/Calvin story:
Fic Title: Every Day is a Reminder
Author: ishie
Link: here
Rating: Teen
Genre: Coming of Age, Romance
Word Count: 7297
Why This Must Be Read: Once again, Susie and Calvin are growing up together, but this time it takes a while for them to finally get together. This is the journey and it's an entertaining and awesome one.
Tags: fandom: calvin & hobbes, ship: susie/calvin

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