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A Little Dramatic Irony (& verse) by Lipton Lee (PG-13)

Fandom Category: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Rory Gilmore/Jess Mariano, Lorelai Gilmore/Jess Mariano, Emily Gilmore/Richard Gilmore, Lane Kim/Dave Rygalski
Fic Title: A Little Dramatic Irony (and accompanying verse)
Author: Lipton Lee
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: AU, fork in the road, general romance, family, friendship, humour
WIP?: nope, the main fic is completed, which is the one linked above. There a few sidestories that have been pretty much abandoned at this point but there are others that haven't. (see: cut)

Why This Must Be Read: This is one of my favourite Jess/Rory fic and verse. Maybe one of The Jess/Rory fic, from what I would consider one of their best writers. It goes AU after Nag Hammadi and it's one of the most epic and best fic I've read for these two. Full of banter and a wide cast of characters — all Stars Hollow residents and a few OCs coming in from Jess' New York life (one of my favourite detail bc yes! Jess had a life in NYC, an okay life!, and I like how the author incorporates that life and doesn't make it overly gritty and sad for him like a lot of fic do) — and expands post fic in several other fics, all chronically Rory and Jess' relationship over the years. It's also a great fic about each of these families, Gilmores, Danes, Marianos coming together.

Really, one of the best fics out there for them I'd rec it even to people who don't love the ship because it's so lovely. But also Lipton Lee has a bunch of really wonderful fic for this ship.

ALDI Verse and Side Stories Chronological Order, best as I remember it. All completed unless stated otherwise. (Okay, some aren't 'officially' ALDI verse fics according to summaries, but include the same characters so I view them as ALDI verse fics.)

A Little Slice of History
Between the Hawethrone and the Homer
A Little Dramatic Irony (MAIN FIC)
How to Plan a Wedding Without Killing Your Loved Ones in the Process; incomplete.
Huh; um, incomplete but can be read as complete fic. it ends a good point.
Scenes from a Waiting Room; can be read as complete.
Name the Baby; Lane/Dave. (super cute!!)
Fractured Fairytale; future fic, kiddiesss! Luke/Lorelai.
The AntiSanta
Passing the Torch
Welcome to Wonderland; future fic, more focused on Alice, Jess and Rory's daughter, as she starts Chilton but it's kinda a delight to read! The supporting cast is GREAT. Alice's friends are amazing.
Tags: fandom: gilmore girls, ship: emily gilmore/richard gilmore, ship: lane kim/dave rygalski, ship: lorelai gilmore/luke danes, ship: rory gilmore/jess mariano, special reccer: hariboo_smirks

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