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No Dawn, No Day by flamingballs/quipquiquip (NC-17)

Fandom Category: DC Comics: Batman
Pairing: Stephanie Brown/Damian Wanye
Fic Title: No Dawn, No Day AU
Author: quipquipquip
Link: core fic:
the timeline of the au:
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 for the general verse; violence, language, death of unnamed minors, past character deaths, character deaths
Genre: alternate universe, romance, drama, and then au of an au. (you'll see what I mean.)
WIP?: nope

Why This Must Be Read: My comics canon is rusty but right now Daiman Wayne is a snappy, emotionally withdrawn 12 year old, was the Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman, and now is the Robin to Bruce's Batman. He's Thalia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne's son too. Stephanie Brown pre the DC reboot was the current Batgirl, now, as far as I know she's back to being The Spoiler. That's just a little background information for those who are curious about these names because you should at least know that before you tackle this AU since it is pretty big and spanning years in these two lives.

The core fic No Dawn, No Day is a dark, evocative and very intense fic centering around Daiman's Wayne's stressful and emotionally fragile time being The Batman. Oh yeah this is a future AU fic! And how the return of Stephanie Brown, his ex-Batgirl in crime during his Robin years, as Batwoman turns his life upside down. It also sets it on course again. The relationship between these two is… complicated. Age for one, as Stephanie is several years older than Damian's 18 at the time. Then ideology because Damian is not the same kind of Batman his father was. He doesn't allow himself to be. He's destroyed or broken almost every other relationship in his life but his and Stephanie's. This fic explores these two as they try to get their lives back on course, try to get Gotham back on course and build a relationship.

Spoiler alert: The end is pretty dark. Very dark, actually, but even thought the author felt it was the right end to give their fic they wanted to change it up a bit and give these two a more hopeful ending which is why in the big post I linked there's the bolded START FO THE GOOD!END and the fics found here are just delightful and also veer into some more open relationship territory, but those are individual fics about the an AU of the core fic, which is an AU itself.
Tags: fandom: batman, fandom: comics, ship: stephanie brown/damian wayne

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