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Epiphanies by ColdCoffeeEyes25, PG-13

Fandom Category: Ringer
Pairing: Bridget/Andrew
Fic Title: Epiphanies
Author: ColdCoffeeEyes25
Rating/Warning(s): T, mentions of non-graphic sex
Genre: Drama, Romance, (slight) Angst
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: I probably should preface this with some defense of my own taste, and tell you that Ringer is pretty terrible, doesn't make a whole lot of sense, blah blah blah, but screw it. It's pure soap opera fun in a lot of ways and, IMO, this pairing makes every crazy reveal and wtf plot twist worth sitting through.

The basic premise of the show is of course "Poor ex-drug addict stripper twin goes on the run from some bad people and assumes the identity of her rich identical twin who is conveniently missing and... DUN DUN DUN... turns out to be eeeeeevil (probably should have capslocked that), so it's okay that poor twin is taking her sister's life, she's making things better for rich twin's hot husband and poor little rich girl stepdaughter."

If you've never seen the show but would like to benefit from the sheer cheesetastic awesomeness of all that, I highly recommend the hilarious recaps at Go Fug Yourself to catch you up.

But this is about fic, and this specific fic is in no way cheesy or nuts.

Epiphanies supposes that Andrew, rich twin's husband, is not oblivious or a dupe as the show would in some ways have him be. He is in fact a willing participant in his own deception. Bridget is warm where her sister Siobhan is cold, genuine when Siobhan is fake, kind when Siobhan is cruel, and for that Andrew will pretend he doesn't notice the woman next to him is not really the woman he married. He will take the fake wife for the first real affection he's received in years, even helping the deception along when he needs to. I love the layers this fic adds to Andrew's on screen actions, and the subtle shift in dynamics it causes.

Mods, could we get a fandom: Ringer and ship: Bridget Kelly/Andrew Martin tag, please? Thanks!
Tags: fandom: ringer, ship: bridget kelly/andrew martin

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