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matters of the heart by skye5052 (t)

Fandom Category: Days of Our Lives
Pairing: Sami Brady/Lucas Roberts
Fic Title: Matters of the Heart
Author: skye5052
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romance, Drama
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: During their run on DOOL Sami and Lucas have been everything to each other; from friends to lovers to enemies to partners in crime these two just can't seem to get away from one another. This fic goes back in time a few years to Kate and Roman's wedding during the Salem Stalker storyline and takes a turn for the worse as Sami is stabbed by the masked villain. What makes this story a classic in the Days fandom is the changing point-of-view of each chapter; from Mimi, and Shawn, to Bo and Chloe each characters view point of Sami and Lucas is beautifully done by the author.
Tags: fandom: days of our lives, ship: sami brady/lucas roberts

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