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Challenge 78: Such A Dirty Word by sinecure (NC-17)

Fandom Category:  Smallville
Pairing:  ChloeSullivan/Lex Luthor
Fic Title:  Such A Dirty Word
Author:  sinecure
Rating/Warning(s):  Adult situations, blackmail
Genre:  Angst, smut
WIP?:  No

Why This Must Be Read:  Chloe blackmails Lex and has surprising demands.  Clouded with suspicion and battling arousal, Lex tries to untangle the shady motivation behind Chloe's actions. 

"If you're going to blackmail me into sleeping with you, then I think it matters."

After a few seconds, she rolled her eyes, though it looked more for herself than him. "It's--" She sighed heavily and lifted her head. "Clark--"

"Of course." He'd suspected as much, though he'd hoped it was more than that. Different than that. Everything, for Chloe, came back to Clark. He was the planet she orbited and it disappointed him. She had such potential.

Tags: fandom: smallville, ship: chloe sullivan/lex luthor

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