thisoldhighway (thisoldhighway) wrote in het_reccers,

Challenge 78: The Edification of Daniel Meade by BlackMamba (R)

Fandom Category:  Ugly Betty
Pairing:  Wilhelmina Slater/Daniel Meade
Fic Title:  The Edification of Daniel Meade
Author:  BlackMamba
Link:  Today was a Prada day.
Rating/Warning(s):  Adult situations and extreme language
Genre:  Comedy, friendship
WIP?:  No

Why This Must Be Read:  Haven't watched a single episode of Ugly Betty but immensely enjoyed this.  Wilhelmina is a hilarious bitch and the flirting is hot. 

Daniel Meade has something Wilhelmina Slater wants. He's editor in chief at Mode, the premier fashion magazine at Meade publications. And what Wilhelmina wants, Wilhelmina gets----a lesson Daniel is about to learn the hard way.

Tags: fandom: ugly betty, ship: wilhelmina slater/daniel meade

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