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Two That 70's Show Jackie Burkhart/Steven Hyde recs.

Fandom Category: That 70's Show
Pairing: Jackie Burkhart/Steven Hyde, Donna Pinciotti/Eric Foreman, Several Female Reoccuring Characters/Steven Hyde
Fic Title: Hyde's Long Way Home
Author: Misty Mountain Hop
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7072364/1/Hydes_Long_Way_Home
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17. Depression, Self-Destructive Behavior, Drug Abuse, Suicide, implied sexual assault and murder, dubcon (that doesn't go anywhere, promise!), violence, adult themes.
Genre: AU, Angst, Romance, Fantasy, Friendship
WIP?: Complete!

Why This Must Be Read: Okay, so, the "Warnings" list was a little comprehensive, and might scare some people off, but this story? Very worth it. A good portion of Jackie/Hyde fanfic is focused around the goings during/around/after season seven, and this is probably the most creative (and, indepth) tag to the season finale I've come across. It takes the premise of the (amazing) movie Groundhog Day, digs in and finds its feet almost immediately. This story has a cold open and the first few chapters are a difficult read, especially for Jackie/Hyde shippers, but that pain and that difficulty comes out of character. Everyone grows in this story. There is redemption and forgiveness for pretty much everyone involved, and oh, god is the sweet worth the bitter.

FYI: This author illustrates a series of comics based on the show, with a definitive slant to the above main pairings. HYDE HICCUPS RAINBOWS, PEOPLE. First one starts here.


Fandom Category: That 70's Show
Pairing: Jackie Burkhart/Steven Hyde, Donna Pinciotti/Eric Foreman, Kitty Foreman/Red Foreman, Laurie Foreman/Fez, Brooke/Michael Kelso
Fic Title: Season 8 Redo
Author: tanith75
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2960445/1/Season_8_Redo
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, slight violence much later, drug use, adult themes. Nothing worse than you'd see on the show.
Genre: AU, Romance, Friendship, Humor, Babyfic
WIP?: Yes, but each chapter is complete.

Why This Must Be Read: Okay, this is basically the BEST STORY EVER. It's a rewrite of the end of season 7 & 8, a well as a virtual season 9. The characterization is dead-on, as are tone and pitch. I'm normally completely against stories written in script-format (they are 99 times out of 100 a GIANT FLASHING RED FLAG OF TERRIBLE), but do yourself a favor and give this story a chance. Jackie and Hyde are at turns adorable, dirty, funny, sweet, and evil. And while this has definitive Jackie/Hyde overtones, the writer does well by every single one of the characters. There's obvious respect for the characters and creators and show from this author, and she just knocks it out of the park.
Tags: fandom: that 70's show, ship: brooke/michael kelso, ship: donna pinciotti/eric foreman, ship: jackie burkhart/steven hyde, ship: kitty foreman/red foreman, ship: laurie foreman/fez

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