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Challenge 77: The Firefly Chronicles by dayzejane M

Fandom Category: Firefly/Chronicles of Riddick
Pairing: River/Riddick
Fic Title: The Firefly Chronicles
Author: dayzejane
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/564946 4/1/The_Firefly_Chronicles
Rating/Warning(s): M for violence and some sexuality - basically the things you'd expect from combining these two fandoms
Genre: Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: First off if you like either of these two fandoms, I can say you will probably enjoy this. Dayzejane does an incredible job of keeping the tone and feel of both universes even while mostly occupying the FireflyVerse. This is basically a re-write of the entire series based on the assumption that Riddick got on board in episode one instead of Book. Though, don't worry - Book does show up eventually. And neither does DayzeJane only stick to the show - she adds in believable interludes and "lost episodes" and all in all builds a fantastic new picture of the 'Verse.

There's a ton of really fantastic gen and secondary shipper moments, as there would always be within Firefly, but the meat of this story's shipping is River/Riddick with all sorts of twists and turns there in (btw, she does up the ages just a smidge so River is legal - just in case you were worried). River is every bit as feng le as you'd expect her to be at the beginning of Firefly, but the introduction of Riddick into her worldview brings quite a few changes in her stability and her trust in her gifts.

Just all around an addictive read. Don't expect to finish this quick though: I took the epic/long story challenge to heart. No really - thus far she's written through "Heart of Gold" and is at oh... 84 chapters and over 600,000 words. Yes I did type the correct amount of zeroes.

Epic I tell you.
Tags: fandom: chronicles of riddick, fandom: firefly, ship: crossover

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