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Challenge 77: Epic/Long Fic | Tales from the House of the Moon by Resmiranda

Fandom Category: Inuyasha
Pairing: Kagome Higurashi//Sesshoumaru
Fic Title: Tales from the House of the Moon
Author: Resmiranda
Link: Clean | Explicit
Rating/Warning(s): MA (sex, language, violence)
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Romance
WIP?: No - 343,755 words (42 chapters)

Why This Must Be Read: Ah, ToHM: the epic fanfic that launched a thousand fanon ships. Whenever someone asks me, "what's the story that brought you into the fandom?" this is my answer. It seems strange, considering I was very much a canon shipper...but this story is so well told, even canon-pairing shippers can find something to love about it. If you ever needed to be convinced of the plausibility of this pairing, though, this story is the one that will make you a believer. Three of the four major arcs are adventure stories, where Sesshoumaru and Kagome are merely companions, trying to get through their quest without killing each other. It's the best kind of enemies-to-lovers story, because the evolution of the relationship is fully explained. My personal favorite arc is the second one, the quest to find the special medicine needed for birthing hanyou babies. The characterizaton of Sesshoumaru is beyond excellent; I think everyone who reads this story and sets out to write Sesshoumaru fanfic unconsciously carries this version of him with us, just as much as the anime and manga versions.
Tags: fandom: inuyasha, ship: higurashi kagome/sesshoumaru

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