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String Theory: An AU Series by Annerb (Mature)

Fandom Category: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Fic Title: String Theory: An AU Series
Author: annerbhp
Rating/Warning(s): Mature / sex, violence
Genre: Alternate Universe
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 18/30

Why This Must Be Read: One of my favorite things on the show were the multiple realities that we would occasionally get glimpses of throughout the seasons. Annerb does an amazing job in this AU showing how similar and yet different a civilian Dr. Samantha Carter would be. The gradual growth of her relationship with Jack and the slow burning romance is so well done; I'm in love with this universe and after reading this series you will be too.

"What is it like?"

It’s late as hell and his rapidly cooling clothes are more than a little uncomfortable, but her voice is so achingly small that he can’t help turning back to look at her.

"What is what?" he snaps, wanting nothing more than to be far away from this particular scientist.

For a moment it seems she will retract the question, but then she visibly straightens her back and looks up at him with unwavering eyes. "The Stargate," she clarifies. "What does it feel like?"

Her eyes are wide with curiosity that hasn’t been dampened by his dark warning and for a moment she reminds him a bit of Daniel and his undisguised interest in all things. He wonders what it would be like to still be so easily enchanted by life that way. Personally, he barely pays attention to such mundane things as what the Stargate feels like.

Nonetheless, he takes a moment to consider the tingle of newly reconstituted flesh, the swamping speed and light of racing through subspace, the flood of endorphins and adrenaline. The nausea hand in hand with exhilaration. There are probably some fancy words to describe those feelings, but Jack is not a wordsmith.

"Cold," he says, deliberately provoking her.

She looks disappointed, but Jack doesn’t let himself care. Then she turns away from him and starts down the hallway.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Jack says, temporarily forgetting that he is trying to get rid of her. What does he care if he hurt her obviously delicate feelings?

"Getting a pot of really hot coffee," she calls back over her shoulder, not missing a step. "I trust you’ll still be here when I get back?"

Against his will, Jack feels his lips curve into a smile at her unexpected reaction and for a moment he can’t quite remember why he hates scientists so much.

She disappears around the corner and Jack doesn’t hesitate to make a break for it. He has no doubt she’ll be back with a particularly scalding pot of coffee and he has no intention of hanging around to prove himself right.

Damn scientists.
Tags: fandom: stargate sg1, ship: samantha carter/jack o'neill, special reccer: sandystarr88

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