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Making a House a Home by Wedjatqi (T)

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Teyla/John with a tiny glimpse of Sam/Jack
Fic Title:
Making a House a Home
Author: Wedjatqi
Link: or at the author's website at
Rating/Warning(s): Completely PG. Contains spoilers for events revealed in Season 4 of SGA and up to "Dominion" in season 10 of SG-1 but diverges off into an AU from "The Return, Part I" in season 3 of SGA. The regular characters that appeared before that episode exist as if the events that occurred onscreen after that never happened.
Genre: Angst/Romance
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: This is one of my favorite stories by one of my favorite authors. Pretty much everything Wedjatqi writes is incredible and should be checked out but the writing in this story is particularly transcendent. I am moved and blown away by the author every time I read this. If you are having a terrible day, week, year, I highly recommend this story to help restore you to equilibrium. Yes, I swear it has healing properties.

This is an AU Earth-set story in which the SGC is still losing the war with the Ori and the team had to destroy Atlantis with the Daedalus after saving Woolsey and General O'Neill.New Athos was completely destroyed from orbit by the Wraith while Teyla and Ronan joined the team in trying to save Atlantis from the Replicators in The Return, Part II. Ronan decides to stay in Pegasus and fight the Wraith. Teyla, who has become literally the last Athosian just as she discovers she is pregnant with Kanaan's son, chooses to come to Earth and raise her child in a world that will never know the Wraith. The others must return to the lives they were forced into when the Ancients returned and kicked them out of Atlantis, John as a team leader at the SGC, Carson in the infirmary, Rodney in Area 51. When the story opens, the distance, awkwardness, hurt and pain that entered into John and Teyla's relationship in the second half of Season 4 still exists because John reacted as badly to the news of Teyla's pregnancy in this AU as he did on the show. Despite everything still unspoken between them, John has invited Teyla and the infant Torren (who is Tagan in this story) to share a house with him so that Teyla will be allowed to live outside the Mountain. Although ostensibly they have settled into their new lives, both John and Teyla are in pain; as a result, Teyla has chronic insomnia and John becomes concerned and tries to help her sleep. The author warns at the beginning that the story is "a bit depressing and sullen." I think it is better described as a meditative and hopeful story. Wedjatqi takes John and Teyla (and the reader with them) through the sad but ultimately redemptive mourning process of accepting what they've lost, including their former closeness, Atlantis, the only place John ever felt at home, Teyla's people and the Pegasus galaxy, and healing as they come to realize what and who they still have left.

The language is beautiful and incredibly evocative.  Although I've made it sound terribly sad and emotional, there is much humor, particularly at a wedding of couple from SG-1, where many popular characters from both shows appear.

"Teyla sat up, swung her legs over the side of the bed and stared up at the moonlight streaking through her window. Sighing wearily she propped her chin in her hands, elbows on her cooling legs. She watched the alien moon through the glass and wondered once again whether she would ever truly begin to call this world her home. She had only been on this world for two months, yet it amazed her how even after all these years she still expected to see the stars above Athos when she looked up at night. For several years she had begun to accept the stars above the City of the Ancestors, but it too was now lost. Lost like her people. Well, not all of them. Her eyes moved to her sleeping son. He would be the last of her people.
She stood up in the blue tinted light and walked softly to her son’s crib. As always when she looked down at his beautiful face, her breath caught. When she ever felt depressed or alone, she needed only to look at Tagan’s face and be reminded of the blessing she had received. Reaching in quietly she stroked the soft baby hair that framed his face, his skin so soft and delicate beneath her fingertips. He sighed softly in his sleep and she smiled down at him. So small, yet so full of life. He was a good child, he slept well and seemed contented. Teyla wondered whether he understood on some level the stress she had lived through, that he too had survived. That they were the last of the Athosian people, their home world destroyed twice over and now visitors on an alien world that was now to be their home. They were alone in the universe. Alone.
Annoyed at her downward thoughts she turned gathered up her robe, a blanket and moved to lift Tagan out of his crib. He grumbled slightly in his sleep, but did not stir. She tucked him amongst the blanket, held him close pausing to breathe in his baby smell and headed quietly out of her bedroom.
The house was silent around her as she moved along the landing towards the stairs. This was becoming a regular habit she mused to herself, creeping through the dark house at night sleepless and chilled. Once at the stairs she paused noticing the other bedroom door was open slightly, again as it always was. She moved silently down the stairs, stepping onto each step with well practised ease creating no creak to disturb the house.

Tags: fandom: stargate sg1, fandom: stargate: atlantis, ship: samantha carter/jack o'neill, ship: teyla emmagen/john sheppard

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