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How endlessly you fall (you'll get up again) by Hecate

Fandom Category: Lost Girl
Pairing: Kenzi/Liam
Fic Title: How endlessly you fall (you'll get up again)
Author: Hecate
Rating/Warning(s): M (not graphic)
Genre: Drama/Romance
WIP?: No - One-shot, complete

Why This Must Be Read: First and foremost, this is a piece about Kenzi, who is far and away the best thing about 'Lost Girl.' I pretty much ship Kenzi/anyone, but as yet there are not many options outside of Kenzi/Dyson and Kenzi/Hale, and while there are good fics in both of those categories (some of which have been recced here) I was thrilled to find this little gem. It deals with the impact that Shawn's death (seen at the end of 'Fae Day') had on Kenzi, and gives us the surprisingly realistic (and pretty hot) scenario of Kenzi falling into a romance with Shawn's black-sheep brother, Liam. This is about two outsiders finding belonging with each other, and I will love the author forever for treating Kenzi like a three-dimensional person who wants to make a connection with someone, instead of the equivalent of a sassy houseplant (as the show sometimes does).

Mods, may I have a Kenzi/Liam tag?
Tags: fandom: lost girl, ship: kenzi/liam

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