listen missy (sinverguenza) wrote in het_reccers,
listen missy

persephone's footfalls by elizabeth

Fandom Category: Roswell
Pairing: Maria DeLuca/Micael Guerin
Fic Title: Persephone’s Footfalls
Author: elizabeth
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Genre: Romance
WIP?: Complete in five parts
Special Rec: 31/31

Why This Must Be Read: for my last rec, i bring you the first fanfic that i ever really loved. i believe that i read this either in 1999 or 2000, which dates me terribly, but anyway. this is a beautiful roswell au that is based on the legend of persephone and hades. it is so spectacularly written that i think someone who had never even watched the show would find it interesting. if anything, it's more of a fanfic of the myth than the show. it is slow in a delicious sort of way, filled with rounded characters and a very erotic undertone. it is a fabulous read, and i'm grateful for it to this day, since it started my interest in fanfic.

thanks so much for letting me be your reccer for october, it was really fun to go through and dig up my faves. have a happy halloween, het_reccers!
Tags: fandom: roswell, ship: maria deluca/michael guerin, special reccer: sinverguenza

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