listen missy (sinverguenza) wrote in het_reccers,
listen missy

uninvited by astolat

Fandom Category: Labyrinth
Pairing: Sarah Williams/Jareth
Fic Title: Uninvited
Author: astolat
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Genre: Romance
WIP?: Complete in three parts
Special Rec: 30/31

Why This Must Be Read: i've read a lot of labyrinth fic, which is kind of an exercise in self-flagellation all on its own. not because there aren't good writers and plot - there absolutely are - but because the story itself is so unsolvable. do you make jareth live as a boring human? does sarah leave her family for the underground forever? i'm never happy with either ending. this fic, i think, finds the delicate balance. also, it's super hot and beautifully written!
Tags: fandom: labyrinth, ship: sarah williams/jareth, special reccer: sinverguenza

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