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Pirates of the Nonestic by KLCtheBookworm

Fandom Category: Tin Man
Pairing: DG/Wyatt Cain
Fic Title: Pirates of the Nonestic
Author: KLCtheBookworm
Rating/Warning(s): M, explicit sex
Genre: Romance/Adventure
WIP?: Complete in 44 chapters

Why This Must Be Read: This is a really fun novel-length story that sets DG and Wyatt Cain off on a pirate adventure. She runs away, he goes after her, they're abducted by slavers, they befriend pirates, they are heroic, they fall in love. The author spent a lot of time on world building and has even created a map and character bios for the various original characters she introduces. She's brought in some elements from Gregory Maguire's Oz and the classic Return to Oz series as well. The characterization of DG's mother Queen Lavender Eyes is different here. She makes the Wicked Witch look not quite so bad by comparison!
Tags: fandom: tin man, ship: dg/wyatt cain

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