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Lost Girl, 2 Recs, Kenzi/Dyson

I noticed that there was a request a while back for some Kenzi/Dyson goodness, so I thought I'd post two of my favourite short works. I love the world of Lost Girl and in my opinion Kenzi is the best thing about the show. Which is why she deserves to play with the hottest guy on the show – shifter-wolf-cop Dyson. Sadly, there isn't much out there for k/d shippers yet, but people are writing good stuff (even multi-chapter WIPs).

Fandom Category:Lost Girl
Pairing:Kenzi/Dyson (do they even have last names?)
Fic Title:a sigh of the weary
Link: http://crickets.livejournal.com/460685.html
Genre:future/AU fic, humour with a little romance

Why This Must Be Read: The author really gets Kenzi - the bratty girl with a heart that loves so fiercely. Here, Kenzi and Dyson are stuck who knows where (or why) and in a series of scenes, we see them connect. It's funny and sweet and one of the best k/d stories out there.

Fandom Category:Lost Girl
Fic Title:Take
Link: http://alizarin-nyc.livejournal.com/249719.html?view=3379319#t3379319
Rating/Warning(s):somewhere between R and NC-17
Genre:pre-ship sexy-times with angst

Why This Must Be Read:Because it makes you love Dyson and pity him and even hate him a little. It's the moment when he realizes that he's over his head with Kenzi, that it's not just lust - although there's good lust too. I think my favourite thing about this piece is that this is all Dyson’s voice and it reflects his mix of primal and civilized really well.

Mods: could we add a Kenzi/Dyson tag?
Tags: fandom: lost girl, ship: kenzi/dyson

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