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she smiles by bama02614 (k+)

Fandom Category: The O.C.
Pairing: Taylor Townsend/Ryan Atwood
Fic Title: She Smiles
Author: bama02614
Rating/Warning(s): K+ / mentions of canon character death
Genre: General, Angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Because it respects the fact that for better or worse Ryan Atwood loved Marissa Cooper; acknowledging the feelings that one part of your one true pairing has for someone else tends to be touch and go in fandom (isn't that an understatement). The hurt, anger, and eventual numbness that Ryan feels as he deals with Marissa's death brings a realism that most authors are not able to insert in their fics. The slow way that Taylor is able to help Ryan starting living again, is beautifully done.
Tags: fandom: the o.c., ship: taylor townsend/ryan atwood

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