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2 Insurance Commercial Recs. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Fandom Category: TV Commercials
Pairing: Flo (Progressive)/Mayhem (Allstate)
Fic Title: Never You Mind the Exit Signs
Author: allthingsholy
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romantic comedy

Why This Must Be Read: I have a thing for quirky couples, so I couldn't resist this. There is something wonderful about how sweet Flo is and her inner voice is hysterical here. You have to love that Mayhem is the ultimate bad boy that she can't help but fall for, even if he's all wrong for her and all her experience tells her not to.

Exerpt:Here’s the truth, though: guy downstairs? He’s kind of attractive. Not, like, Dick Van Dyke attractive, but—dangerous attractive. Six feet of pure trouble, her mother would probably say, and Flo would probably agree. Especially right now, when the trouble’s overshadowing the attractive by miles and Flo feels her blood start to boil.

Fandom Category: TV Commercials
Pairing: Flo (Progressive)/Mayhem (Allstate), Old Spice Guy
Fic Title: Dedicated and Renovated for You
Author: betternovembers
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Apocalypse Fic

Why This Must Be Read: See everything I said above and throw in the apocalypse! (Also, The Old Spice Guy.) The author attempts to answer what happens to the people we created once we are gone. This is more of a friendship fic with hints of romance thrown in.

Exerpt: It’s not that it’s an easy choice, ending up with him. But he has her back, even if they’re never actually in danger. And company is still company. She’s not sure what she’d be like if she was out here, alone. Maybe talking to herself, maybe going crazy. And if nothing else, at least they’re on motorcycles. Flo really, really likes motorcycles.

Tags: fandom: tv commercials, ship: flo (progressive)/mayhem (allstate

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