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The Richard/Elizabeth Series (Kitchen continuum) by ozqueen (M)

Fandom Category: The Baby-sitters Club
Pairing: Alma Spier/Richard Spier, Elizabeth Thomas/Patrick Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas/Watson Brewer
Fic Title: The Richard/Elizabeth Series (Kitchen continuum)
Author: ozqueen
Rating/Warning(s): M (non-explicit sex, language)
Genre: Friendship, Romance
WIP?: No - complete, in five chapters (44,479 words)

Why This Must Be Read: I absolutely love ozqueen's take on the parents of the BSC universe, and her ability to bring them into focus in a way that seems natural and unobtrusive. It's long been a fanon rumor that Elizabeth Thomas and Richard Spier are the "real" parents of David Michael Thomas, so any exploration of their friendship is ripe for the picking. That's not where the author is taking this, but her gentle exploration of not only Elizabeth Thomas, but also of Richard Spier (famously uptight and stuffy, but probably with good reason) and Alma Spier (Mary Anne's long-dead mother and quite the mysterious canon figure) is something to absolutely relish. She lays out a wonderful beginning here, at turns funny and tragic, setting the foundation for what is probably one of the stronger parental friendships in the series, given how close Mary Anne feels to Kristy's mom, especially at the beginning. Later entries into this little series include some of the canon characterization: bossy Kristy, shy Mary Anne, funky Claudia, tenderhearted Sam, and world-on-his-shoulders sensitive Charlie. Just as Elizabeth's life seems to be falling apart, Richard Spier's is coming together, and he's able to offer her the strength and support she gave him when he was struggling with his wife's death. It's a really neat reversal of roles, and it culminates a few books into the series, bringing this gorgeous pre-canon full-circle. This is a don't miss piece of BSC fandom.
Tags: fandom: the baby-sitters club, ship: alma spier/richard spier, ship: elizabeth thomas/patrick thomas, ship: elizabeth thomas/watson brewer

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