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Spiderman Fic: Downfall, by Flotation Device, K+

Fandom Category: Spiderman (Movie 'verse)
Pairing: Mary Jane Watson/Peter Parker
Fic Title: Downfall
Author: Flotation Device
Link: Here on FFN.
Rating/Warning(s): K+ (or PG, I guess?), spoilers for the first movie (2002).
Genre: Romance / Scene Extension
WIP?: No. 700 words.

'She is his inspiration, and his shame. His saviour and his downfall.' Drabble of kiss scene from the first movie.

Why This Must Be Read: Because it's so poetic and beautiful. It shows Peter's thoughts as Mary Jane kisses him for the first time - yes, that kiss, the upside-down kiss - and it's just gorgeous. The author really shows the ache Peter has, the way he doesn't quite feel good enough for her but at that moment they are everything to each other.
For such a short fic, so much is fit in, and it's just such a lovely, lovely piece of work.

Mods, there is a Spiderman tag, but no ship tags? Mary Jane Watson/Peter Parker would be lovely, please :)

Omg, ignore me, sorry. I was trying to put Peter's name first. D'oh.

Tags: fandom: spiderman, ship: mary jane watson/peter parker
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