Mercy (mercscilla) wrote in het_reccers,

"With No Lodestar In Sight" by lindentree (T)

Fandom Category: True Grit (2010)
Pairing: Mattie Ross/LaBoeuf
Fic Title: With No Lodestar In Sight
Author: lindentree
Link: LiveJournal | AO3 | FF.Net
Rating/Warning(s): T (graphic violence/sexual violence in the prologue)
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Special Rec: 6/48

Why This Must Be Read: After A Long Time Travelling Away from Home lindentree has started writing another story for this pairing. It's full of action and adventure, snark and humour, and the strange beauty of the relationship between the two characters.
Tags: fandom: true grit (2010), ship: mattie ross/laboeuf, special reccer: mercscilla

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