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White Collar Fic: Something Comfortable, by sahiya, rated G.

Fandom Category: White Collar
Pairing: Sara Ellis/Neal Caffrey
Fic Title: Something Comfortable
Author: sahiya 
Link: Here on livejournal.
Rating/Warning(s): G, none.
Genre: Sweet fluff, with a little hurt/comfort thrown in.
WIP?: No. 3,800 words, one shot.

Sara considers herself competent in any number of areas - including two forms of martial arts, three languages, and the circumvention of the most common high-end security systems - but she's never been good with vulnerability. In fact, one might say she's allergic to it.

Why This Must Be Read: Oh my goodness, because it's so sweet. It offers such a lovely insight into Sara's character as she finds herself in the position of having to look after Neal after he suffers an injury at work. She wants to do it, but she's nervous, and this fic shows her attempting to let down all her gates of defence. There are lovely scenes between her and Neal, and some bonus appearances from Peter. Everyone is in character and this is one of those fics that could so easily slot between the lines that canon has already given us.
And did I mention the fluffy hurt/comfort of it all? ♥

Tags: fandom: white collar, ship: sara ellis/neal caffrey
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