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Build Our House on a Mountain by lowriseflare and annakovsky (pg-13)

Fandom Category: The Office/Dawson's Creek
Pairing: Pam Beesly/Pacey Witter
Fic Title: Build Our House on a Mountain
Author: lowriseflare and annakovsky
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): pg-13 (Crossover. AU post the series finale of Dawson's Creek and season four of The Office)
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 6/45

Why This Must Be Read: When I first saw this pairing I was both intrigued and slightly mortified because I had no idea how it was going to work. Then I remembered that I have loved just about every single thing both of these authors have ever produced, and I gave it a go. Boy, am I glad I did. The evolution of Pam and Pacey's relationship from roommates to friends to something more is so believable and well done that it will give you butterflies. The whole premise is quirky, but fits who the characters are at their cores. The writing is witty and smart and most of all the characters never, ever diverge from their canon selves. It's a fabulous read and made me remember how much I love crossover pairings when they are done well.
Tags: !remembered, fandom: dawson's creek, fandom: the office, ship: crossover, special reccer: abvj

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