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M*A*S*H, 3 recs, Margaret Houlihan/Hawkeye Pierce

Hi, y'all! I am actually purely on lj to lurk, but I saw the request for M*A*S*H fics, and I fear these three are sitting in the backlogs, gathering dust. This is only my second or so post ..of all time.. so I hope you enjoy! No real epic , plotty romances, but great in-character pieces that do the relationship justice.

Fandom Category:
Pairing: Margaret Houlihan/Hawkeye Pierce
Fic Title: Tuxedo Junction
Author: simgirl 
Link: here!
Rating/Warning(s): pretty PG, discussion of physical activity and boozing but nothing too bold.
Genre: romance
WIP?: nope.
Why This Must Be Read: My favorite Hawkeye/Hot Lips "what if?" for the post-series. Sets the two at a random medical conference but lacks the contrivance most fics with the same plot seem to thrive on. Nicely plays off the time period with the music, setting, and language and maintains a certain fantasy-like quality while remaining realistic and in-character. 

Fandom Category: M*A*S*H
Pairing: Margaret Houlihan/Hawkeye Pierce
Fic Title: A Four Letter Word
Author:  simgirl  again
Link: here!
Rating/Warning(s): pretty PG, nothing too racy.
Genre: general, with a romantic leaning.
WIP?: nope, just a post-ep.
Why This Must Be Read: This was probably the first quality M*A*S*H fanfiction I ever found, so it holds a special place in my heart. It is simple and straightforward, but well-written to describe that point just past friendship that Hawkeye and Margaret finally reached near the end of the series. I think this fic provides a good tie-up to the almost lose end of Comrades in Arms, as well as highlighting how well Margaret and Hawkeye know and play off of each other. 

Fandom Category: M*A*S*H
Pairing: Margaret Houlihan/Hawkeye Pierce
Fic Title: Faceless 
Author: Samantha-Caldwell 
Link: here!
Rating/Warning(s): none! PG-neighborhood.
Genre: angst
WIP?: nope, one-shot.

Why This Must Be Read: This is a more general than the previous, but the character interaction seems very on-pitch, so if you are hankering for realistic interaction, it is very much here.. Hawkeye is the same devastated, frustrated character we catches glimpses of in the series, and Margaret serves to comfort him after a particularly rough night. Angsty, simple -- reads just like a missing moment.

And now.. I slink back into lurkerdom. If I did this incorrectly, please let me know so corrections can be made! Again, hope these are appropriate.
Tags: fandom: m*a*s*h, ship: margaret houlihan/benjamin pierce

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