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Heaven Is Ringing With Your Name by bestiary, nc17

Fandom Category: The Borgias
Pairing: Lucrezia Borgia/Cesare Borgia
Fic Title: Heaven Is Ringing With Your Name
Author: bestiary
Rating/Warning(s): NC17, sex and incest
Genre: romance, aganst
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: this fic takes incest and it turns it into something pure. It's also painfully poetic, intense, amazingly well-written. Cesare's chracterization in particular is so good than it's scary and it's all in his body language. Even if you are normally weirded out by incest-fics, chances are yoiu will love this anyway and you will find no reason to be weirded out. Because it's C/L down to T, and the piece is that special. Basically in this oneshot, a drunken Juan forces, in his brass manner, his siblings to confront their less platonic feelings toward each other. And everything explodes from there on...beautifully.
Tags: fandom: the borgias, ship: lucrezia borgia/cesare borgia

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