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chasing dreams by cat chester, g

Fandom Category: Being Human (UK Version)
Pairing: Annie Sawyer/John Mitchell
Fic Title: Chasing Dreams
Author: Cat Chester
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: It starts AFTER Mitchell was staked by George in season3, when Mitchell wakes up back in Bristol, to those early times when Nina was just to become a werewolf. Realizing that his long dream was in fact a warning from above, Mitchell sets himself up to change his destiny, starting by finding a sane, healthy way to manage his blood addiction and lead Bristol's vampires to do the same. The friendship Mitchell develops with the AA human sponsor he and Carl share in a an attempt to stay blood-free is without any doubt among the best points of the story: if anything else, it's nice to see Mitchell in a completely platonic relationship with strong human.
Obviously, the added hardship in this vampire journey is the necessity to handle his deep feelings for Annie, in a time when the ghost only saw him as a friend.
Tags: fandom: being human, ship: annie sawyer/john mitchell

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