Zoe (mzmtiger) wrote in het_reccers,

Hearsay, Flowers and The Green Eyed Monster by csiangel

Fandom Category: Lie to Me
Pairing: Gillian Foster/Cal Lightman
Fic Title: Hearsay, Flowers and The Green Eyed Monster
Author: csiAngel
Link: The Story
Rating/Warning(s): K+
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 6/30

Why This Must Be Read: The ending. Even if you hate the fic, you have to love how perfectly she nails the two of them at the end of the fic. And trust me, you won't hate the fic. It has Cal/Gillian and Loker and Torres meddling in Cal/Gillian, what more could you want? Oh, you want Cal and Gillian to play mind games with Loker and Torres in revenge? Guess what, it's got that too.

1/5th of the way the there!
Tags: fandom: lie to me, ship: gillian foster/cal lightman, special reccer: mzmtiger

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