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Challenge 66

In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm has bi-weekly rec challenges issued by the mods.

Challenge 66:

Category: X-Men
Deadline: June 15
Challenge: Rec us your favorite X-Men fics. Any and all het pairings welcome! Just c/p the text below and post it as a new entry:

You do not need to ask for posting rights. Just become a member and rec your favorites!

Feel free to pimp this comm to your friends so that we get more X-Men fans!

And, if you're up for an additional challenge, we've had specific requests for the following pairings:

CSI:NY, Aiden Burn/Danny Messer
Downtown Abbey, Mrs. Hughes/Mr. Carson
Fringe, Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie Stevens/Alex Karev
Haven, Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker
Leverage, Parker/Elliot Spencer
Leverage, Sophia Devereaux/Nathan Ford
Peter Pan, Wendy Darling/Peter Pan
Tekken, Anna Williams/Lee Chaolan
The West Wing, CJ Cregg/Simon Donovan

(Feel free to go here for more specificity on the requests!)
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