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For Challenge #65: Ginger Snaps: 1 rec, Sam/Bridget. Juno: 1 rec, Juno/Mark

Fandom Category: Ginger Snaps
Pairing: Sam/Bridget
Fic Title: Knotted
Author: Northlight
Rating/Warnings: R (as rated by author)/Implications of one sided incestual feelings, medium spoilers
Genre: Drama
WIP: No.

Why this should be read: This is one of only two quality fics I've found in a very small fandom filled with not so talented writers. ( I'm just sayin'. Not that I'm in any particular position to judge, considering my own lack of talent.) Also It's the only thing I've read in this fandom from Sams point of view. With this piece the auther creates a thoughtful, intellegent character out of the little the movie gave her/him to work with.

Fandom Category: Juno
Pairing: Juno/Mark
Fic Title: Slip
Author: 0penhearts
Rating/Warnings: MA/Minor sexual activity with a 16 year old that happens to be pregnant.
Genre: Drama, fooling around

Why this fic should be read: This fic really brings out the out of control panic and desperation that i can't help but believe was really under Marks facade of calm throughout the movie. The pregnancy is only mentioned twice (sqinting required), and the abstract way this piece is written made me forget how young she is.

Mods, may i please have a fandom tag for both Ginger Snaps and Juno and a ship tag for both Bridget/Sam and Juno/Mark?
Tags: fandom: ginger snaps, fandom: juno, ship: brigitte/sam, ship: juno macguff/mark loring

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